Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

There is always a reason to say Alhamdullilahi :)

by Rashida Olu

In today's society and era, it is so easy to complain unfortunately! Especially with platforms like social media, where normal young muslim ladies like me are constantly bombarded with pictures of other young people living 'the perfect life', or trying to emulate (if I permit myself to say so). You look at them and you just think 'mehn, they seem to have the best life ever while I am here just managing'. I even know people that spend time, energy and money in pretending that their lives are perfect just to be showing off on the social media...Subhanallah! I do not even know what is the point of doing this, at the end of the day when we go back to Allah, we will all be 6 feet under and all the only things that will matter are our deens and all the good deeds. How I wish more people could understand this simple concept! My parents taught me to be always grateful for every little element of my daily life.
From being able to catch my train on time to get to work, to find my fridge full of food. I always make sure I say Alhamdullilahi. When you learn how to be grateful on a daily basis, you become naturally more positive and happy. I still have couple of days in which I feel down but I just turn to Allah and pour my heart to Him... it always works :) 
I honestly believe that Allah has blessed us so much and we are just too blinded to see. Allah would award you with even more blessings when you are genuinely content with yourself.
So as from today, when you wake up in the morning say Alhamdulillahi. Even when there are calamities happening in your lives, still say Alhamdullilahi, more likely that Allah is trying to test you
and make you even stronger once the hurdle comes to an end. Allah will never make you suffer more than yoour own tolerance level.